Frequently Asked Questions

What Countries Do You Currently Ship to?

Please refer to our International Shipping Page where we have more information regarding shipping rates and estimates. If your country/region is not listed please contact us and we can provide you with shipping rates and tariffs. 

Where are you located?

Argento Market is an online vender only, therefore all orders are made through our website. Beginning of 2020 we switched our logistics to Buenos Aires, Argentina. We did this because it allowed us to obtain a greater variety of products, longer expiration dates and better shipping rates for our customers.  However, we want to assure you that our processing and delivery times have not been affected. We still work around the clock to prepare and ship out every order in a timely manner. We ask for 24-72 hours for order processing and 3-5 days for delivery. 

In certain cases where orders are suspect to de delayed we will reach out to the customer to notify them

I am looking for a specific product, can you make it available?

We are constantly looking to expand our product range to offer the best variety we can (with some of the best prices!) 
 If you are looking for a specific product that it not available on our website send us a message and we will get back to you to see if we can find it for you  

I received my order but something was broken/damaged?

We apologize in advance if you received your order and something was damaged or broken in transit. Please send us message so that either resend the products or provide you with a refund.

How did we do?

We want our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase from beginning to end, that is why we appreciate your honest feedback. If you believe there is something we can improve upon please leave us a suggestions. We appreciate them and they allow us to continue providing excellent service for everyone. Otherwise, if you were happy with your purchase and our service please leave us a kind review on our facebook page or tag us on instagram!

Shelf life and quality of products

Before packing and shipping every order we always make sure to check expiration dates to ensure that we are sending fresh and quality products. Please keep in mind that our gluten free and vegan products tend to have shorter expiration dates due to that fact that they contain less preservatives and addictives. However, we make sure to check every single date and do not send products with less than 30 days of expiration left.

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